How to obtain a consultancy license in Dubai, UAE?

How to obtain a consultancy license in Dubai, UAE?

The UAE’s broad economy, it’s a desirable market for Consultation in UAE firm available. Many self-individuals and huge organizations alike always require the specialized services of expert Business Setup in Dubai. With such a diverse range of booming sectors, the UAE’s demand for business consulting and support is constantly expanding. When beginning a consulting firm in Dubai, the first step is to secure a business license and EsqTech FZ LLC does Company Formation in UAE like peanuts. Consider the entire process of obtaining a consultant license in Mainland Company Formation In Dubai


How to Obtain a Dubai Consulting License?

  1. ◉ Proper business planning needed.
  2. ◉ Choose a business name.
  3. ◉ Select an appropriate business type.
  4. ◉ Determine the location of your business Free Zone Company Formation In Dubai or UAE
  5. ◉ Determine the type of office space that best fits your budget (Co-working, executive office, etc.).
  6. ◉ Submit the relevant paperwork and license fees to apply for a consultancy license.
  7. ◉ Apply for a consultancy license, a UAE residency visa, and a corporate bank account.

What are the types of licenses for Consultancy for your business?

To apply for a consultancy license, ensure that you submit the correct application based on the nature of the commercial activity you intend to conduct. In the UAE, there are numerous sorts of consultancy licenses depending on a variety of business activities.

  • ◉ Human resource management and consulting services
  • ◉ Consultancy in Process and Operations Management
  • ◉ Logistics and Transportation Consultancy
  • ◉ Information technology consulting
  • ◉ Consultancy in Engineering
  • ◉ Legal Advisory Services
  • ◉ Consultancy in Risk Management and Compliance
  • ◉ Industrial Advisory Services
  • ◉ Consultancy for Strategy Development
  • ◉ Financial Advisory Services
  • ◉ Market Research Consultancy Services
  • ◉ Consultancy in Sales and Marketing
  • ◉ Consultancy in Project Management
  • ◉ Consulting in Accounting and Finance

How to Apply in Dubai for a Consultancy License?

  • ◉ You may submit an application for a consultation license (commercial or professional) to the Dubai free zone or directly to the Department of Economic Development. When applying for a consulting license, you must submit the following documents:
  • ◉ Completed application form and any required papers on yourself and your business.
  • ◉ Two passport-size color photographs
  • ◉ Copies of the business owner’s or owners’ passports and visas.
  • ◉ Copies of any special approvals received from the appropriate government agencies, depending on the type of consulting firm.
  • ◉ A letter of no objection (NOC) from the sponsors
  • ◉ A single identifier in the event that the shareholder has a visitor visa
  • ◉ The application process is quick, and the license is typically issued in a matter of days. You will receive an email with a scanned copy of the original trade licence. After receiving a copy of the license, you can immediately begin operating your consulting business.

Conclusion:- We believe that after reading this blog you will understand consultation process for your company in Dubai and UAE easily.

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