Why Dubai is an ideal destination to start a business?

Why Dubai is an ideal destination to start a business?

Dubai is a city and the emirate in the United Arab Emirates is not only a dynamic cosmopolitan but a sprawling business hub as well. From political to economic stability, great transportation to infrastructural facilities and from safety to investor-friendly policies make it not only a magnificent tourist destination but a great business destination with a vision. It is now a business and financial hub of the region that attracts investors from all corners of the world like a magnet.

There are several reasons why Dubai is an ideal business destination for investment. Some of them are:-

Economic stability and safety: – Undoubtedly Dubai is one of the safest destinations in the world which provides an abundance of opportunities for the business to grow. Its policies, stable macro-economic environment, global competitiveness, progressive outlook, superior growth strategies and sustainable growth policies etc. make it an outstanding business hub where more than 200 nationalities coexist and thrive together.

Free trade zones and business ownership: -Dubai allows its foreign business investors 100% ownership of their businesses in Free Zones. Before 2018 it was a federal requirement that a native of UAE held at least 51% of shares of a company but the introduction of the Foreign Direct Investment Law banished this. Setting up businesses in free zones offers major benefits to businesses such as zero percent corporate tax, zero percent professional tax exemptions from export and import taxes etc.

Easy visa facilitations for professionals: – Dubai offers plenty of facilities and opportunities to attract foreign professionals and provide them all the facilities to settle here. The Dubai Virtual Working Program, the Retire in Dubai Program and the 10-year Golden Residency Visa etc. are a few such examples that allow skilled workers, doctors, entrepreneurs, innovators to make Dubai their permanent home.

Great Geographic location: –Dubai is located between Europe and the Far East horizontally in the heart of UAE. Placed right in the middle of the Gulf countries, connected with over 120 waterways, and 85 airlines that connect it to the rest of the world making it a global destination for foreign trade and a favorite stop-over destination for tourists.

State-of-art industrial and commercial areas: – UAE offers you great flexibility to support your business. There are plenty of choices to start with like free zones, mainland, industrial areas, commercial properties etc. These areas are well equipped with modern technology, ideal infrastructure and transportation make them promising destinations for business investment.

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